Where to Find Coupons

Sunday Inserts: most of your coupons will come from the Sunday paper.  If you live in a small town subscribe to get the Sunday issue from a large city near you so you will get the best selection of coupons

Peelies:  coupons you can peel off packages

Blinkies: coupons dispensed from a plastic box that has a red blinking light

Catalinas: coupons you get with your register receipt after you pay

Tearpads:  usually found near the item or on an aisle display

Store Entrance:  usually near the sale flyer

Re-cycling Centers:  be sure to ask first some states want allow you to do this

Companies:  Contact companies for the goods you use.  Let them know how much you love their products and most will send you coupons.

Friends, Family, Neighbors, Co-Workers, etc… Most of your coupons will come from the Sunday Paper. So ask Friends, Co-Worker,People you may go to church with  if you can have their coupons. Most of the time you will find they will galdly give them to you.

All You – they put out Great coupons every month. They only place to purchase this magazine is at Wal-mart near the check outs.

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About couponmama62

I am a SAHM of 2 daugher's. My main hobby is coupon shopping. I just love getting things FREE or only paying pennies for them. I love to bake anything sweet! When I'm not coupon shopping I'm usually found at home cleaning, reading, clipping, filing my coupons. I do love to travel and see places I've never been to before.

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